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Their Eyes


"Through Their Eyes" is an indie film festival dedicated to celebrating the works of independent film makers of all ages and varying experience from around the world.  The festival intends to become on of the premier events for no budget, independent films in Western Canada.  We will payt special attention to films by first and second time directors.


Our Film Festival is for films with huge ambitions and tiny budgets.  The films can be narrative, documentary, or animated and must address any or all of the Wilderness, Wildlife and Human Interactions themes. 

The themes are wide ranging and multiple, they can include:

  • The examination of the relationship between wilderness and humanity, 

  • Exploration of ways of learning from past experiences, 

  • Understanding the importance of cultural and biological diversity, 

  • Illustration of new and old methods of conserving biodiversity and wild and domestic landscapes, and 

  • New approaches and original ideas for conservation.

They can even be funny.  Only your imagination will limit your entry.


Judges for the Festival

Sprague Theobald - Two Time Emmy Award Winner

Paula Fairfield - 2016 Emmy Award Winner Sound Design Game of Thrones

Third Judge to be Announced

Expression of Interest in Submitting Film

All potential entries must first submit an expression of Interest.
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Rules and Regulations, Categories and Deadline Dates

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