Passion drives all of us in our goal to make a difference, we all share in the planet and together we can work to make the world a little better today than yesterday. The Cochrane Ecological Institute is exactly the type of origination that helps create a better world for all of us to enjoy. I am honored to partake in the support of helping make a place closer to home succeed in improving our world. Although my creative energy is fueled by Africa, my hope is for a better place for everyone everywhere.  


As an artist I am truly humbled by the creative force that is known as Africa. The wildlife and landscapes of Africa invoke images of lions on the prowl, gorillas in lush rain forests, the Sahara Desert in a constant shape shifting action. Most of the "classic" animals that are enjoyed by naturalists and artists reside here. The people and cultures of Africa have even a greater impact on my creative energies.From the diverse cast of subjects to choose from, I find a certain freedom painting in a variety of styles and mediums. This enables me to still maintain a connection to a common theme which is to explore the culture, history, and wildlife of Africa. Traditional African art has helped me understand how art is created for purpose and function.


Together we can make today a little bit better than yesterday,

Norman Nemeth.

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